Submit your video for broadcast

When your video creation is ready for prime-time, follow these instructions to submit it for broadcast on the PADNET public access TV channel!

File Specs

Frame size
or 720×480*
Frame rate
File type
.MOV or .MP4
  • Please add a PADNET credit to the end in black or white. Do not include bars, tone, slate or countdown.
  • Output the file according to the specs shown.
  • Name your file as: Series Title (if applicable) – Program Title – Episode Number (if applicable) Example: Long Beach Lens – Olivia Munn Returns – Episode 24
  • Widescreen is OK, but it may be letterboxed on playback
  • If your video editor cannot output this format, download Mpeg Streamclip, a free application for both Macs and PCs that will help you properly encode your video.

If your file is OVER five GB

Please put your video(s) on a flash drive and bring it to The Hub

If your file is UNDER five GB:

1. Go to the online form.

Log in to the PADNET member site. Select Projects on your dashboard, and then Submit Program & Upload Video.

2. Fill out the form.

Complete the Submit Program form and click Next. (You only need to provide a Program End Date if your video is time sensitive. Otherwise, just leave it blank.)

3. Upload or deliver your media file.

Select your file, click Upload, and wait for it to finish. (You can only upload one video at a time.)

PADNET staff will contact you if we have any issues.

If everything looks good, you’ll receive an email from our staff with playback times for your show. Shows considered “Filler” will not receive a time slot notification email unless requested by producer.

Please allow a minimum of 14 days for us to broadcast your video and make it available on our Watch page.

For more information about PADNET policies, see the Member Handbook