A message from our executive director

Hello! I am very proud to say that since its creation in 2012, PADNET.tv has served residents of Long Beach with excellent equipment, training, and resources to tell hundreds of compelling local stories! In addition, community teens have been introduced to the world of video production and some have gone on to pursue it as a job or career. College interns now seek coveted PADNET positions each semester to enhance their skills while learning hands-on production and post-production techniques. Indeed, PADNET.tv has grown tremendously in many ways to embrace and better serve all sectors of the Long Beach community.

Looking forward, the PADNET team is excited about our new state-of-the-art remote production Fly Pack that will literally roll out in 2019! This equipment gives us mobile capability to capture local events in an efficient and professional manner. We also anticipate new community collaborations that will enable us to provide digital media training, in-studio productions, and post-production services as well as capture events most important to the Long Beach community.

We are very proud of our dedicated staff, growing cohort of freelance producers, and talented stream of college interns! We are also excited about future opportunities to empower you as a representative of our community to tell inspiring stories that will encourage others to do the same!

PADNET.tv is growing and positive things are happening. Sign up and join the movement that uniquely tells why Long Beach is such a great place to live, work and play! Your stories make a difference!



Darick J Simpson

Executive Director