PADNET Studio Policies

Whenever you use PADNET facilities please respect our studio policies.

  • Only studio producers can submit a studio program proposal and reserve time in the studio. To become a studio producer, you must successfully complete all three studio classes: Studio Production 1, Studio Production 2, and Studio Production 3.
  • Studio producer can reserve the studio for up to four hours at a time, with a monthly maximum of six hours.
  • Producers may reserve the studio up to 60 days in advance. Because of high demand, please cancel at least 48 hours prior to the taping.
  • ALL STUDIO PRODUCTIONS MUST END ON TIME! If your show is not done when your reserved time is up, it is a minor violation. Please remember that a lot of people share these facilities. Ending on time is how we keep studios accessible for everyone.

Before the shoot

  • All producers and crew participants working in the studio must be current PADNET members in good standing and all crewmembers must be certified in the crew positions they are filling. For example, if one of the crew members has only taken our Studio Production 2: Camera, Audio & Floor Managing class, they are not permitted to direct a show, set up lighting, etc. It is the responsibility of the producer, not PADNET staff, to find people to act as crewmembers for their show.
  • Members must be on time for appointments and must call if they are going to be more than 30 minutes late. No- shows count as a minor violation.
  • When the producer arrives for the shoot, they need to complete a walk‐through of the studio with a PADNET staff member to verify the condition of the studio before the start of the production.
  • The producer needs to provide the PADNET staff member with a written list of all crewmembers and guests who will be in the studio. The producer of the studio production must advise guests and other talent to comply with all PADNET policies, including restrictions on advertising and direct appeals for funding. Children should be supervised at all times. Infants under 6 months are not permitted in the studio at any time.
  • The producer needs to come prepared with video releases, rundown sheets, and any material needed for the shoot, including a Mac-formatted external hard drive to copy your show file onto. Long Beach Community Action Partnership (LBCAP) resources such as printers and copy machines are not available for member use. Members are responsible for obtaining their own sets and set pieces cannot be stored at PADNET. PADNET may have some simple set pieces for member use (two chairs and a table, etc.), but the pieces may become overused in many of the studio productions. Under NO circumstances should PADNET members scavenge the LBCAP building for set pieces (furniture, pictures, etc.).
  • Members must obtain prior approval from the PADNET staff to bring in any animals, industrial machinery, vehicles, studio audiences, and any other obstructions that may cause damage to the studio.
  • Food, drinks and smoking are not permitted in the studio or control room. If your show requires food (for example, a cooking show) please get prior approval.
  • Due to liability issues, members are not allowed to climb on any of the ladders to adjust the lights on the lighting grid. PADNET will have presets on the lighting dimmer from which members can choose. Crew members who have the Studio Production and Graphics class certifications will be able to adjust the light controls (tilt, pan, focus) from below with the lighting pole. There will be a PADNET staff member available for questions should members have any, but the PADNET staff member should not be considered a member of the crew, unless the member has arranged to hire a PADNET staff member for the production.

During the shoot

  • With the exceptions of USB drives for music, computers for presentation or prompter use, or other pre‐approved devices safely plugged into the studio bulkhead or components, do not integrate non‐PADNET devices into the control room system. Do not connect, disconnect, or reconfigure anything in the patch bay, behind the consoles, or within the cameras or camera menus. Do not change the settings of the Broadcast Pix switcher or manipulate any Windows Control Panel settings on any computer. Do not update any software. The Producer and other crew members need to notify PADNET staff immediately if any of the equipment is malfunctioning or broken.
  • Please limit the number of people not directly involved with the production to ensure safety and a productive work environment. If available, members may use PADNET’s training room as a green room.
  • A maximum of 15 people can be in the studio at one time.
  • Members must have someone responsible for guests arriving. PADNET staff cannot handle this for you.
  • Smoke machine/hazers are not allowed in the studio.

After the shoot

  • Once the shoot is done, the PADNET Member needs to transfer their show file from the studio AJA external hard drive to their personal external hard drive. Members will need to provide an edited copy to PADNET.
  • When you submit your file for broadcast, please add either the black or white PADNET slug to the end.
  • The studio must be returned to its original condition after a production. All of the equipment must be turned off and returned to the designated areas in a secure and tidy manner. Please turn off all the lights and ensure that all trash has been disposed of in the proper receptacle. If the training room was used, please clean up and return tables and chairs to its original position. If the studio and training room is not returned to its original condition, the producer of the production will receive a minor violation.

For more information about PADNET policies, see the Member Handbook.