PADNET Editing Suite Policies

Whenever you use a PADNET editing suite, please respect our policies.

  • Members can reserve edit suites up to 60 days in advance.
  • You or the producer you’re working with must have a project proposal on file that we can reference for equipment reservations.
  • If you reserve a suite and then can’t make it, please call to let us know. If you don’t, you get a minor violation.
  • Members can reserve edit suites for up to four hours at a time, with a monthly maximum of 16 hours.
  • Members must provide their own external hard drive to save footage for editing and video projects. PADNET does not allow members to store footage and projects onto the edit suite computers. All footage and projects will be deleted off the computers nightly.
  • If there is an available reservation time following your reserved block, you may request to extend your editing time during your appointment.
  • Members must stop using editing suites before facilities close. Failure to vacate production facilities before closing time will result in a minor violation and/or overtime fee.
  • Staff at PADNET satellites cannot approve reservations or provide technical assistance. Only PADNET staff at our main location can do that.
  • All satellites determine the rules and policies of their locations.

For more information about PADNET policies, see the Member Handbook.