Production Services

At PADNET we offer all of the training and tools to empower Long Beach residents to produce their own media from start to finish. We also know that the “do it yourself” model won’t work for everyone or every occasion. PADNET’s production services are flexible and affordable. Production services are provided upon the condition that an edited program will air on PADNET’s channel.

You can choose from basic packages that cover our most popular types of productions or work with our staff to create a budget specific to your needs. We also offer specific crew positions, such as an Editor or Camera Operator, if you just need a little extra help with your project. 

For production services, please contact Harmonie T. Tangonan, PADNET Program & Production Manager, at 562-216-4641 or



STUDIO PSA- Starting at $550*

Record a succinct overview message about your organization or business and the important work you do! Filmed in PADNET’s studio on green screen, the speaker can appear in front of whatever image is chosen or provided by the member. PSAs are typically no more than one minute in length. We’ll give you a media file that can be used on your website, social media and more.



EVENT COVERAGE- Starting at $1075*

Long Beach has amazing events happening all the time. Let’s get them on the channel! Plus, you’ll have a great video to share and keep in your archives. Every event is different and dynamic in its own way. This is a basic package that includes the following:

  • Preproduction call or in person meeting at PADNET
  • Three person crew for up to four hours at the event (including set up and break down)
  • Coverage of supporting visuals at event and any official remarks
  • Up to three interviews with attendees of your choice
  • One client review for edits
  • Finished video uploaded to
  • Media file provided to client



STUDIO SHOW- Starting at $1200*

One ½ hour studio show produced by PADNET in our studio. You pick your host, guests and topic and we’ll make it happen! Discounts available for ongoing series with payment in advance.



STORY PROFILE- Starting at $2500*

A story profile video 3-4 minutes in length. A great tool for telling your personal, business or organization’s story. Can be used on your website, shown in presentations to funders, at conferences and much more! Includes:

  • Preproduction meeting or call
  • One full day of filming at a single location
  • Up to three interviewees 
  • Supporting visuals for your story (filmed on location and/or provided by client)
  • One client review for edits
  • Finished video uploaded to
  • Media file provided to client



*The prices listed above are for basic packages. Any additions, such as additional locations, an extra cameraperson or editing time, may result in an increase in price.